You have obtained a 'minor in education' long-stay 'D' visa
for France from the French consulate or embassy in your country.


You have to apply for a 'student' residence permit
online through the official website 'Administration for Foreign Nationals in France' (ANEF)
when you turn 18 year old.

If you are not able to apply online (problem with the platform),
you can make an appointment with SAIEC to apply physically with our team.

> Find out the whole procedure you have to follow to apply below,
whether for the online application,
OR for a paper application with the SAIEC.

> Contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Connect to the dedicated platform:


If you cannot apply online (platform refuses your application), you can apply at the SAIEC upon appointment with your printed documents:


> Application form (to be filled and printed for your appointment)


Validation of your application

After submitting your documents online, an attestation called 'confirmation de dépôt' is sent to you be email. You can find it in your personal space online on the ANEF website too.
Don’t forget to complete your application online if you have some documents missing.

SAIEC Application: Your application is verified and validated by our team during your appointment at SAIEC.
If your application is complete, another later appointment is made for you with Préfecture.


Favourable decision

As soon as Préfecture validates your application, a notification is sent to you by email and an attestation called “attestation de prolongation d'instruction d'une demande de titre de séjour” (= récépissé) is available online.

SAIEC Application: During your appointment with Préfecture, you will be given a receipt ("récépissé").


residence permit withdrawal

When your card is ready, you will receive a message from Préfecture, asking you to collect it and pay the tax there.


You must apply for the renewal of your residence permit from 2 to 4 months

prior to the expiry date of your VISA/residence permit.
(Example: your VISA/residence permit expires on September 1st 2021:
you must apply for renewal between May 1st 2021 and July 1st 2021)

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