PEPITE-LR, the student innovation, transfer and entrepreneurship hub for Languedoc‑Roussillon, is managed by ComUE Languedoc-Roussillon and aims to promote entrepreneurship among all students in the region and help to guide their business start-up or revival projects.

One of PEPITE-LR’s missions is to issue national Student Entrepreneur Status, introduced by the government, and to manage the student entrepreneur diploma (D2E).


National Student Entrepreneur Status

This status enables students and young graduates to set up an entrepreneurial project at a PEPITE facility.

Who is the status aimed at?
Anyone who has gained the Baccalauréat. The only condition to be fulfilled in order to benefit from the social security advantages associated with student status (social security cover, food, transport, etc.) is that a person must be aged under 28 years.

Why apply for this status?

  • For students on a course, this status offers an opportunity to work on their own entrepreneurial project instead of doing a mandatory placement, provided they have the approval of the course director of their initial course.
  • For young graduates, it extends the social security cover enjoyed by students (provided that they are aged under 28 years), but must be accompanied by registration on the D2E diploma course.

Apply for the Status on the national platform:



The Student Entrepreneur Diploma (D2E) accompanies Student Entrepreneur Status. It aims to provide the student entrepreneur with an administrative framework and individual support from two sources (one educational and one professional). To join the diploma course, it is necessary to have a business start-up plan.

The diploma offers only support and, at the start of the academic year, two days of intensive coaching at CREAWIZ, organised in conjunction with Synersud.

The support is provided by one staff member from the institution concerned and one professional mentor throughout the year, with 20 hours of support given in total. Over the year, regular meetings are organised with the mentors and, twice a year, a three-way meeting must be organised. There is no classroom-based teaching as part of this course. Another diploma or degree course can therefore be taken in parallel. This is allowed by Student Entrepreneur Status, but the course director’s agreement must be obtained.

To submit an application:
Selection procedure: application + pitch to a selection panel

Next selection for Student Entrepreneur Status and the D2E:
Deadline for applications for Student Entrepreneur Status in Languedoc-Roussillon: Midnight on 10.10.2018
Platform for applying:
Engagement (selection) Committee meeting: 17 October 2018

FAQs on Student Entrepreneur Status and the D2E



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