The Languedoc-Roussillon Universités community of universities and establishments (ComUE LR-Universités) is a group of autonomous higher education institutions and research bodies which retain their own legal form, but which have agreed to coordinate their work and pool certain resources as part of a common project defined and implemented jointly. ComUE ‘Languedoc-Roussillon Universités’ therefore manages the 2015-2019 site contract on research, innovation, training and student life, digital, attractiveness, influence and campus life.

ComUE Languedoc-Roussillon Universités manages from an administrative and legal point of view various joint inter-establishment centres, units, services and projects:

Statutes as at 30 December 2014: Decree No 2014-1682 of 30 December 2014
Amendment of the statutes on 1 October 2015: Decree No 2015-1218 of 1 October 2015
2015-2019 multiannual site contract: 2015-2019 multiannual site contract
Internal regulations: RI_COMUE_Languedoc_Roussillon_Universites.pdf
ComUE LR-Universités strategic plan: Projet-strategique-COMUE.pdf
Annual Report 2018 of ComUE LR-Universités: ComUE-RA-2018.pdf
Master Plan for the Improvement of Student Life, dated 22-12-2017: SDAVE-ComUE.pdf
Montpellier Operation Campus planning and property strategy:
Download the ComUE Languedoc-Roussillon Universités functional organisation chart: Organigramme_fonctionnel.pdf
Download the ComUE Languedoc-Roussillon Universités logo: Square logo / Horizontal logo / Corporate identity

On 20 July 2015, Emmanuel Roux, President of the University of Nîmes, and interim director of Languedoc-Roussillon Universités (ComUE LR-Universités), signed the 2015-2019 site contract, in the presence of members of ComUE, with the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research. The common section of the site contract reflects a shared ambition of members of the ComUE for Higher Education and Research in the Montpellier Académie. More information. The powers assigned to ComUE demonstrate the desire of the institutions on the site to promote common projects, whether in relation to the running of Operation Campus or the management of ESPE-LR, the BIU or the regional university CFA (ENSUP-LR).

On 8 December 2016, Gilles Halbout was elected president of ComUE LR-Universités for a 4-year term.

On 11 July 2017, the governing board of ComUE approved the strategic plan defining its main actions for the benefit of its members, associates and partners.

On the basis of the joint plan, to fulfil its missions, and in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity, the COMUE has the responsibilities listed below.


In agreement with the members and on the basis of the joint plan, the COMUE-LR is responsible for:

Drawing up and implementing the common section of the multiannual contract for the site.

Launching new research programmes or projects within the framework of the common strategy.

Implementing a common doctoral strategy for the site through the doctoral college.

Communicating about the COMUE within the scope of the joint plan.

Managing and monitoring the Operation Campus property programme and, at the express request of one of its members, operating and managing property and/or development operations and performing studies in these areas.

Running different academic communities through cross-disciplinary actions in response to societal issues.

Running the Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship Student Centre (PEPITE-LR).

Running the Human Sciences Centre (Maison des Sciences de l’Homme) in Montpellier.

Drawing up, running and managing national or international cooperation projects for the site.

Developing services for foreign students and leading foreign figures.

In agreement with its members, ComUE LR-Universités manages the Ecole supérieure du professorat et de l'éducation (ESPE - a component of ComUE) and the accreditation of its degrees.


In agreement with the members and on the basis of the joint plan, ComUE LR-Universités is responsible for:

The joint presentation of its members’ training offering.

Developing services for students by enabling existing facilities to work together or pooling those facilities.

Setting up joint training initiatives for personnel of its member institutions, particularly on an Open Access basis.

Coordinating the promotion of the university heritage and academic culture.

ComUE LR-Universités may host structures for consultation, discussion and cooperation between its members’ components. These structures may be created on the initiative of those components, following approval by the ComUE LR-Universités’ governing board and the governing boards of each of the establishments concerned.

For the purposes of fulfilling its responsibilities, the ComUE LR-Universités may carry out the following actions:

Setting up and managing the public establishment and allocating funding to the services or facilities, which may or may not be shared by the members, such as technology platforms, reception and accommodation areas, support services and logistics facilities.

Negotiating, signing and managing any legal acts with public or private, French or foreign partners.

Buying, selling and managing property.

Funding or contributing to the funding of research projects or programmes being run by the members.

Recruiting and managing staff within the framework defined by the governing board in accordance with the procedures defined in the internal regulations.

Granting financial assistance to students.

Creating and using databases.

Making corporate equity investments or creating subsidiaries within its sphere of activity.

Within the framework of Operation Campus, signing loan agreements.

Performing any operation contributing to the fulfilment of its responsibilities.

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