ComUE Languedoc-Roussillon Universités (ComUE LR-Universités) is administered by a governing board. The governing board is assisted by a council of members and an academic council. It is directed by a president, assisted by vice-presidents. The headquarters of Languedoc-Roussillon Universités is at 163 rue Auguste Broussonet, 34090 Montpellier, France.

Gilles Halbout is the president of Languedoc-Roussillon Universités (ComUE LR-Universités).

Statutes as at 30 December 2014: Decree No 2014-1682 of 30 December 2014
Amendment of the statutes on 1 October 2015: Decree No 2015-1218 of 1 October 2015
2015-2019 multiannual site contract: 2015-2019 multiannual site contract
Internal regulations: RI_COMUE_Languedoc_Roussillon_Universites.pdf
ComUE LR-Universités strategic plan: Projet-strategique-COMUE.pdf
Annual Report 2018 of ComUE LR-Universités: ComUE-RA-2018.pdf
Master Plan for the Improvement of Student Life, dated 22-12-2017: SDAVE-ComUE.pdf
Montpellier Operation Campus property and development strategy:
Download the ComUE Languedoc-Roussillon Universités functional organisation chart: Organigramme_fonctionnel.pdf
Download the ComUE Languedoc-Roussillon Universités logo: Square logo/Horizontal logo/Corporate identity

The president of COMUE-LR is elected from among the members of the governing board by the governing board members present or represented in a simple majority vote in two rounds.

The president’s term of office is four years, renewable once. If, during the term of office, the president reaches the age limit of 68 years, he or she may remain in post until 31 August following the date on which that age was reached.

The president provides leadership of ComUE LR-Universités within the framework of the orientations defined by the governing board.

The president thus:

Chairs the governing board, the council of members and the academic council.

Sets the agenda of meetings, prepares resolutions and ensures they are implemented.

Represents ComUE LR-Universités in legal matters and all civil acts.

Prepares the budget and ensures it is executed in accordance with the conditions set by the internal regulations.

Authorises expenditure and income.

Reports to the governing board annually on the execution of its actions and on its management.

Submits the internal regulations for the governing board’s approval and ensures they are enforced.

Has hierarchical authority over the ComUE LR-Universités’ employees.

Has functional authority over agents appointed by its members.

Is responsible for the smooth operation, respect for law and order, and the security of ComUE LR-Universités.

May propose to the governing board the creation of any commission or committee that he/she considers useful.

May exercise all powers delegated to him by decision of the governing board.

Proposes to the governing board the appointment of a vice-president responsible for digital resources.

Proposes one or more vice-presidents, as well as directors for the prior opinion of the governing board.

May delegate some of his/her powers to the vice-president(s) in accordance with the conditions laid down by the internal regulations.

Signs agreements, contracts and conventions approved by the governing board.

May delegate his/her power of signature to employees working within the establishment.

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