The strategic plan for Digital is in line with the ComUE Languedoc-Roussillon Universités site contract. It has three parts: Governance, Joint Projects and Documentation.

As regards governance, using data management, ComUE proposes to establish a dashboard of indicators to support its strategic reflection, giving it the means to determine the scope of its action and to position itself in relation to its counterparts. These shared and documented indicators will be made available to the institutions within ComUE, which can add to the mappings with open or protected shared references.

The policy of institutions working together has led to the emergence of a whole set of joint projects (the CALES-LR website presenting the full range of courses on offer, the basis for Digital Working Environments, a Multi-Services Map, Campus Mag LR, etc.). ComUE’s mission is therefore to foster the emergence of new joint projects. An illustration of this is the improvement of access to the institutions’ digital assets and their university libraries, especially through the ‘Numerev’ and ‘Open Archives’ initiatives.

In a continuation of the collective documentation initiatives already in existence, the digital dimension of changes in documentation management will also be taken into account.

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