Student card
+ Healthcare card
+ Supplementary healthcare fund certificate

(otherwise you will have to pay upfront costs)

More than 90,000 students study at Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole's universities and grandes écoles. Students are exposed to specific risks and diseases linked to their age and activities. Students do not necessarily sign up for the healthcare assistance schemes developed for the rest of the population (12% of students surveyed said that they went without healthcare for financial reasons, lack of follow-up by a referring doctor, or lack of knowledge of the options available or their rights).

Since September 2016, ComUE Languedoc-Roussillon Universités has offered students from Montpellier "the best treatment and an appropriate healthcare pathway for their needs" by opening the Montpellier University Health Centre (CSU).


The Montpellier University Health Centre is an interinstitutional service that enables all students:

  • to access general medicine, gynaecology and mental health consultations

  • to make appointments with general practitioners, specialists (gynaecologists, etc.) and other healthcare practitioners (counsellors, etc.)

  • to enjoy full coverage of costs (no upfront fees to pay on presentation of their student card, healthcare card and supplementary healthcare fund certificate (attestation de mutuelle complémentaire))

  • to receive support from a healthcare advisor (whose role is to answer students' questions, direct them to the most appropriate service, and work closely with social workers in particular to monitor their healthcare pathway)

  • to have access to an appropriate healthcare pathway for their specific needs


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