Regional development linked to university strategy

  • To pursue an urban planning policy of integrating with the city, prioritising green spaces and open campuses.
  • To structure and strengthen centres of excellence, taking a multi-disciplinary approach and linking this to the socio-economic environment.
  • To renew and dynamise the existing campuses, to create living spaces, enhance campus life, unify the major campuses of the future and increase their international profile.
  • To respond to the buildings crisis and to the dilapidated state of some buildings and the need for new facilities.
  • To develop a sustainable mode of site and asset development.
  • Taking an environmentally-responsible approach, to pursue a unified property and campus development strategy across the whole Montpellier site.
  • To increase the influence and attractiveness of the institutions in Montpellier.

A major urban renewal initiative

A specific feature of the Montpellier Campus project is that it covers several separate university sites that nevertheless have a strong presence within the city’s fabric. For this reason, the project aims to develop ‘a campus for the city, a city for the campus’, by working simultaneously on the university buildings, on the public and private spaces surrounding them, and on the public infrastructure and equipment accompanying them. The faculties are also based in the north-western part of the city of Montpellier, at the heart of the built-up area. Nearly half (around 43%) of these 860 hectares of land is occupied by university buildings. The campuses in Montpellier have an effect on the morphology of the urban landscape.


The Operation Campus project has three distinct parts

1/ university: property development and restructuring, production of a property strategy, selling of land, planning and preparation of projects, refurbishment and construction of accommodation, teaching facilities and research facilities, and campus life.

2/ city: urban development and planning, consultation on and definition of a multi-partner urban renewal project, definition of areas requiring enhancement, planning and creation of public spaces and landscaping, and other campus development.

3/ facilities: public infrastructure and facilities, public transport and facilities that benefit all residents and users of the sectors and that help to make the campus more attractive to students, teaching staff and researchers.

Already begun:
25 projects
90,000 m² of construction
50,000 m² of refurbishment
1,200 bedrooms and studios refurbished
50 hectares of outdoor spaces redeveloped

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